Rooflights, skylights and roof windows

Lovatts are experienced in many brands of roof windows including Fakro and Velux.

Rooflights, skylights and roof windows can transform your home or office spaces into beautiful living and work areas filled with daylight and fresh air. Additional daylight and ventilation can reduce energy costs with sunlight heating up your spaces and cross ventilation cooling them down.

Other benefits include:

• Providing sky and nature views
• Improve the aesthetic of a room
• Make your space appear more spacious
• Brightening and ventilating stuffy and dark rooms

Sun Tunnels

Lovatts Roofing offer sun tunnel skylight installation services using flexible and rigid sun tunnels.

Rigid tunnels are most suited to roof spaces with minimal obstructions and for longer tunnel lengths. Flexible sun tunnels can be used when obstructions in the roof prevent the use of rigid Sun Tunnels. Both have highly reflective shafts to achieve maximum light output.

A sun tunnel is perfect for flooding natural light into small areas where it is not possible to install a traditional skylight. They are ideal for hallways, walk-in wardrobes, corridors, toilets and other small spaces without natural light.

Certified VELUX Installer

Our team are certified VELUX installers and knowledgeable in all roof light products. VELUX are a Trustmark scheme operator, so you have the additional comfort and peace of mind that Certified Installers are members of the only government-endorsed scheme for tradesmen. VELUX Certified Installers must comply with stringent and regular checks and assessments by independent industry experts.

Lovatts offer repair services and installation of VELUX Roof Windows, Flat Roof windows, Blinds and Shutters and Sun Tunnels.

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