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Generate solar energy from your roof for a long-term, cost-effective and sustainable outcome with Solar PV panels.

Long-term, cost-effective
and sustainable solar energy.

If you are replacing a roof or building a new property, there is no better time to start thinking about installing Solar PV panels. Solar PV is solar photovoltaic, a technology that converts sunlight into electricity.

With the rising energy prices and the advanced development of solar technology, it is fast becoming a popular choice for energy production across homes and businesses. Lovatts offer a range of integrated and on-roof Solar PV solutions. Generating power from your roof has never been as easy and affordable as it is now.

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Integrated Solar PV Tiles and
On-Roof Solar PV Panels

As well as standard on-roof solar panel installs, we also specialise in integrated solar roof tile installs, giving you the benefit of both roof covering and electricity generation.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Generating power from solar lessens our demand for fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions, which minimises the output of greenhouse gases and therefore reduces our carbon footprint.

Save on Energy Bills

After install and minimal maintenance, UV from sunlight is free. Not only does solar generated power cut down on your energy bill, you may also be eligible to sell your excess solar and feed back to the National Grid.

Improve EPC Rating

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is the assessment of a building’s energy efficiency. Switching to renewable energy can have a huge impact on this rating.

Shorter Payback Period

An analysis from CarbonBrief indicates a huge reduction in the time period to repay the cost of installing solar, due to the savings in energy bills and new affordable install solutions.

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Lovatts Solar Renewable Energy Install

Trusted roofing and solar energy solutions for homes and businesses.

There are many areas in which a property can improve its energy performance, a major part of this is the roof. With over 60 years of experience in the roofing industry, R.L. Lovatt Ltd. utilises the best sustainability practices combined with quality training and education. We are fully certified and use the very best solar energy products and techniques to maximise your long-term energy investment.


Trained and Certified

The R.L. Lovatt Ltd. team are fully trained and certified in solar services as well as all aspects of roofing, ensuring we provide the best quality work possible.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our solar energy integrated roofing solutions and training allows us to integrate and install electric vehicle charging stations at your property.

Battery Storage

Included in our list of solar services is the installation of solar battery systems to ensure you are utilising and storing your energy efficiently.

Improving Technology

Continuous advances in Solar PV panel technology means the future is bright for renewable energy. Improved solutions also assist with the cost and accessibility of solar.

Low Maintenance

With an R.L. Lovatt Ltd. solar roof installation you can expect very little spending on maintenance or repair work, just the occasional clean and inspection if required.

Durable and Sustainable

With the best quality products and expert installation, a solar roof will last and keep providing clean energy and low-cost energy bills. Lovatts provide a 10-year new roof install warranty backed by the NFRC. The solar products used also have their own manufacturer's warranty.

Did you know?

Recent updates to Part L of the Building Regulations means there are now more considerations for energy-efficient building solutions in England. Since June 2022, all new-build homes and large refurbishments must now produce 30-31% less carbon emissions than the amount set out prior to this date.

Providing roofing and solar energy solutions across the North West.

We offer slate roof repairs, slate installs and slate roof maintenance across the North West of the UK including Bury, Bolton, Blackburn, Cheshire, Didsbury, Glossop, Hale, Leigh, Littleborough, Manchester, Oldham, Stockport, Shaw, Salford, Westhoughton, Wigan and surrounding areas.

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